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Alliance for an Open Internet

We support research and catalyze action to create a better internet for everyone

The internet we hoped to build is not the internet we ended up with

All internet traffic is unencrypted by default

We force the burden of security onto users instead of mandating these values into the foundation of every connection.

We don’t treat digital privacy as a basic human right

Much of the default internet experience today is optimized to harvest your data for the benefit of corporations and governments.

No control over how users’ online activity is managed

From who sees your data to how your data is routed, users have little to no control over how their online activity is processed.

We must fix it now

Thousands of people are working every day to create a better internet for all.

There’s no denying that the internet has transformed daily life. Yet many of these changes have been at the expense of everyday users.

From spyware and surveillance to the rampant consolidation of power and resources, the internet we have today is far from the internet we were promised.

Dedicated teams and individuals from around the world are working to create a better, fairer internet for all. We’re here to support them.

Your voice matters. Let’s work together.

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