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Syntropy Builders

Learn and earn by contributing to Syntropy Stack development.


Syntropy Builders is a community enablement program for our most dedicated developer contributors.

This is your opportunity to get involved in Syntropy Stack development and learn new skills in the process. The program takes place in established working groups led by our very own developers and engineers. We trust that you are in good hands.

Time is your most important asset, so we have allocated an initial compensation pool of $1 million for all contributors that successfully complete projects.

You will find the list of projects you can apply for in a dedicated sheet, but the program's scope is virtually unlimited for all developers. Want to propose a new project to others or do it yourself? Just let us know on Discord. Good luck!

Apply for a project
Fill in the application form and wait for approval from a group lead.
Join a working group
Join a dedicated working group and start working on a project.
Submit for review
Our group lead will review your work. If approved, we will distribute your earnings.

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