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Create your own personal VPN

Take ownership of your data on the public Internet. Easily deploy your private VPN with Syntropy Stack.

You deploy the infrastructure. You own your data.

Deploy using Syntropy Stack user interface. No complex manual set up.

All your data is end-to-end encrypted. Not visible to us, not visible to anyone.

Enjoy all of the benefits of traditional VPN solutions.

Who do you trust?

When you use commercial VPN, you just shift the risk down the VPN tunnel. Some providers sell or exploit your data. Take ownership of your privacy by deploying a VPN yourself.

Your Device
End Destination
End-to-End Encryption

Deploy your VPN
in minutes

Install Syntropy Agent on any server. This will be an exit point for your connection.
Create a virtual end-point and connect it to your server.
Reveal configuration and put it on your Wireguard device.

Connect with Syntropy Application

Connect to your private VPN with Syntropy Application.  Generate an API key from the Syntropy Stack user interface and add it to the Application. You will see all services/endpoints connected to your network appear in Syntropy Application UI. Select your proxy server and connect to it with a click of a button.
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We have prepared some tutorials to get you started. Non-developer friendly!

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